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KenYamamoto Technique

It is a new therapy to suggest the position of the ideal frame of the human body

I found that every pain goes out when I return joint, muscle to the right position. A pain goes out when I adjust an ankle for the pain of the neck. A symptom of the cervical vertebrae hernia went out when I adjusted a finger. It is the cure that can take the pain without touching it in main complaint and a part to do.

Ken Yamamoto improves the symptom of the body of professional athletes of the world by this technique. I undertake the care of the body of an elderly person in its 90s from a primary schoolchild in the general part. I go all over the world, and patient come again from all over not only the Japan but also the world wide.

In addition, Ken Yamamoto founds a management seminar all over the world and charges toward the dream that two-thirds says to a lecture and a house visit, “I want to cure world low back pain” for a person abroad of the month.

Please cooperate with exercise to learn Ken Yamamoto technique good all over the world, and to get rid of low back pain of the world together. Some class fees of the Ken Yamamoto technique are affected by the donation for underprivileged children.

The Ken Yamamoto technique goes on a business trip anywhere among Japan if you can gather attendance students more than 15 and lectures now. ※There are other condition details.

Ken Yamamoto腰痛施術テクニックセミナー〜アドバンス編〜 受講者様の声

Ken Yamamoto腰痛施術テクニックセミナー〜アドバンス編〜 受講者様の声

Ken Yamamoto腰痛施術テクニックセミナー〜アドバンス編〜 受講者様の声

Ken Yamamoto腰痛施術テクニックセミナー〜アドバンス編〜 受講者様の声


Basic Seminar

Please do it from study becoming basic of the Ken Yamamoto technique. Most therapists want to begin it from study of the technique to cure low back pain by the operation of technique and the arm of killing a pain only with an ankle neck, but have you learn from the basics by all means. I can reduce a symptom by adjusting a whole body not a local site without touching it in a local site. A symptom of the approximately 85% of patient of our treatment is improved only in this basic course.

Advance Seminar

It is this course to have to learn next to a basic course.

I cure a local pain by regulating the whole. I study Golden line to learn by Ken Yamamoto technique, the axis of the body. I can learn secrets of the results improvement of the athlete.

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